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1988 300zx how to change analogue instrument cluster lights?

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  • 1988 300zx how to change analogue instrument cluster lights?

    I want to change out the old orange lights to UV LEDs or something similar and was wondering what type of bulbs are they so I can replace them if it's possible. If there's already a thread on this my apologies.

    Bonus points if you could recommend plastic friendly UV paint for the gauge needles.

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    There's a thread in the how to section to convert to LEDs. Forgive me if I'm mistaken, but aren't UV LED's outside of the visible spectrum?
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      Sorry then I'll look for the thread and I'm not sure about spectrums and what not but I think I confused black light leds with UV because I built a black light display case with black light leds for some fluorescent figurines and they glow just fine.

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    I used these lights


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      With painted needles and the led lights


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        Thanks bekkema that link is pretty much what I needed