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vg30et swap speed sensor question

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  • vg30et swap speed sensor question

    I searched the fsm and this site and I still can't wrap my mind around what I need. I swapped in a 86 vg30et from an AT digidash car into my 86 NA MT analog dash car. I kept the MT and the analog cluster. I swapped in both the EFI and Engine room harnesses. I kept the original main harnesses in place. Since the NA setup does not send speed sensor input to the ECU (according to EF and EC-6 in FSM) but the Turbo setup requires this (EF and EC-7) how do I remedy this? Pin 29 (EF and EC-9) is for the speed sensor but this doesn't exist in the NA main harness to Turbo harness connector as you can see in the diagram. I really hope this makes sense.