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Problem with climate control on 87 300zx

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  • Problem with climate control on 87 300zx

    I'm still working through the Gremlins on my 87 300 ZX that I recently purchased. I cannot seem to get the climate control module to activate. It will not turn on. Anybody have any idea what I need to investigate in solving this problem. The fuses are all OK and all the relays on the pass side inside fender appear all good. I also changed out one of the relays that appeared bad with a good one from my part car. HELP NEEDED !!

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    Do you have a digital or analog system? The cures are very different as the HVAC systems are completely different. Reply back and then we can help you figure out.


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      The dash is analog; Should the climate control unit be analog also?


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        Yes so that is a completely different climate control system than digital dash, more manual and fewer gremlins. I am not as familar with analog but if the fan isn't coming on I would troubleshoot that first before going after the rest of the system.


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          I can push the little override button on the climate control unit and it will activate the fan and heat through the vents on the windshield.


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            The analog climate control is still electronically controlled, it just doesn't have a LCD display. It is subject to electrical gremlins the same as the digital unit.
            If the manual override works, then I would first attempt the easiest solution: Try another manual climate control. Especially if yours is unresponsive.

            The FSM also has a troubleshooting process in section HA-34 that could be valuable to you.

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              I didn't know that it was still electronically controlled I guess that makes sense given that the guts of the car would be the same behind the dash. Jerry you should order a new one from Steve at and see if that solves your problem.


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                FIxed !! I tOOK UNIT OUT OF PART CAR I HAD. Now works good. Thanks for the comments.