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VE tables for MSnS-extra

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  • VE tables for MSnS-extra

    Ive decided to have a go at megasquirt. The main reason i am doing it at this stage is to learn more about engine management and that whole side of the motor (for which i have limited knowledge). I have printed out about 300 pages of MS manual and also been reading a book called "how to tune and modify engine management" by Jeff Hartman.

    At the moment i just want to get MS up and running with my current mods (turbo, IC, exhaust, heads, etc) From what i have learnt so far, one of the most important areas for MAP based systems is the VE table. Ive read Blowzups page, but i have the europe/aust spec motor and torque and hp is slightly different.

    Would it be worth running the car on the dyno as it is now and getting a plot of torque vs rpm and also manifold pressure, in order to help estimate the VE table :?: or at least over estimate it for a richer base, before installing MS.

    Also, will i have trouble finding a tuner who will work with MS (im in Australia), and how much do tuners normally cost :?:

    Sorry if these are silly questions but i am trying to learn.

    Thanks. Liam

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    Good questions!
    You need to concider the following first though before you decide on your engine management system......
    *Who in my area tunes cars?, what are they familiar with?, and would they be willing to help me if I needed the help?

    *The best bet is to use a system that the people that might need to help you tune...are familiar with.
    I am here to help...


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      Unfortunatly my only option is nistune (when it finally comes out), live edit, MS. No tuner near me will have ever heard of any of them i can guarentee. Most common around here are Motec, Haltech etc all the big $$ stuff that i just cant afford.

      To me, the funnest part is building it and putting it all together, rather than driving it. Thats why MS appeals to me.

      My plan is to build megasquirt, modify my stock harness so i can unplug the stock ecu, plug MS in fiddle around with tuning for a couple of hours at a time with a Wideband, and EGT then unplug MS and plug the stock ecu back in.
      After spending a few weeks or even a couple of months doing this i will be fairly competent in running megatune and have a tune that basically runs the engine (obviously not at optimum). Then i could go to a dyno and use the tuners knowledge of what needs to be adjust and my knowledge of operating megatune to hopefully come up with something that works better than the stock ecu with my current mods.

      Am i kidding myself or will that work? Remember im doing this to learn and i will be reading as much as possible before actually tuning.



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        I think if you are seriously looking at making the MS project consume that much time, then it's got to be a worthwhile project to you.

        I don't exactly take shortcuts, but I do what I can with what I have to accomplish any goal by what I see as the "most effective means necessary".

        Now the question is weather your goal is to have fun building and tuning MS, to tune the car, or just to have fun learning to tune an engine?

        I'm thinking nistune will being big down in AUS there because that's where it's being produced, and it will adapt to MANY nissan vehicles (pathy, maxima, Z31, Z32, S13/S14, Q45, etc etc).

        Worth logging? Maybe, maybe not. I think if you could log MAP, engine RPM and injector MS you would have it set.


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          nistune works on the Q45 ecus? bad ass. Does the romulator and livedit work on the Q45 ecu's? Im partin my silver Z and buildin a 450sx on stock tuning, then remote turboing it and pushin low boost, under 10psi on a stock block


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            THAT BOOK IS THE SHIZNIT!!!!! Read the intake manifold design section! and the grape ape website too!
            85 Z31 6.0 LSX turbo 766whp/792wtq
            04 GTO, LS6, big cam, porting, N20... underway for summertime daily driver.


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              Shiznit? is that good or bad?
              yeah, there is a lot of info in the book. Did you base your plenum design on the RX-7 one they that they discuss at the end of the chapter.

              I can scan the chapter if anyone wants to read it, just dont know about copyright and how the moderators feel about it. But then again its educational purposes!