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  • 86na o2 - repost from

    for all who don't know I need a titania in my 87na chassis running 87t ecu without a turbo (until after emissions)

    anyway I haven't had luck finding conclusively from any parts sites... first thing is it looks like the big bung but the 86 is a weird year, it is a 3-wire and pretty sure it's both heated and the titania, the part number almost correlates to their z32 o2 part# ... the last bit is off only

    this is the number stamped in it: "0 258 003 276" with "LSH 24" at the top, and it has 3 wires: white-black-white

    assuming it will work, I checked my 87t o2 in the turbo, and it has 4 wires... so this is messing me up, I assume I can in fact use a 3-wire o2 instead of the 4-wire o2, this sensor is brand new

    so how do I wire it up, black to ecu, and both the whites get battery? and I will have to move some pins in the ecu harness right...?

    (I went and did some work and hours later still nothing...)

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    Heated titania should have 4 wires. Titania alters a voltage reference.
    1. Reference
    2. signal back
    3. + to heater
    4. - from heater

    The zirconiums are the ones that create there own voltage, so a heated Zirc. should have 3 wires.
    1. Signal back
    2. + to heater
    3. - from heater

    Oh, and if my titania is still good, i may be able to send it to you.

    Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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        this is why I'm drawing a blank :


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            so the middle wire is black the outer ones are white, the black would be the output and the whites are 12v and ground in any order....?