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How do I tell for sure that I have an 88-89 Turbo ECU

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  • How do I tell for sure that I have an 88-89 Turbo ECU

    I just received an 88SS ECU in the mail today. However it looks as if the protective case was removed before as the cover screws were loose.

    The Part number on the case is A18-A04 M94 indicating it has the right part number for an 88 Turbo and the part number on the 28 pin EPROm chip is M256EFM5. This appears to be the same part number Jason used with the Romulator. Just below the part number stamped on the white tape is a chip part number of M5M27C128K-1.

    Does anyone know how to tell if this is an authentic 88 Turbo ECU? Could someone have swapped the protective cover from an 88 ECU?

    I plan on using the NISTUNE, 450SEL injectors up to 18 PSI on my T3/T4 Hybrid

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    Ha Ha Ha

    Yeah maybe just a bit paranoid . I was just suspicious when I saw the cover removed


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      There are pictures online of the inside circuit boards. Its certainly worth checking. Also, the turbo ecus kick out specific codes (LED) I believe.

      This thread has pics
      Try not to be a Yahoo