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Anyone tried a HKS PFC F-con?

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  • Anyone tried a HKS PFC F-con?

    Anyone used a HKS PFC F-CON in their Z31? Just curious as to the range of adjustability of fuel, timing, and boost. It says also work with the GCC (Graphic Control Computer). Is it even worth it?

    I used the HKS VPC with the GCC on my old 92 AWD DSM with great results, but the VPC and PFC F-CON are two totally different setups.

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    I have not used one, but I have seen how they work. Bacically an outdated and useless hunk of junk piggyback. I think you can get a maximum fo +/- 20% fueling in 5 range settings? Even comparted to an SAFCII that is vastly inferior.