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Finding a replacement for an ecu diode

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  • Finding a replacement for an ecu diode

    I figure someone who knows electronics can help me with this. I need to find an aftermarket replacement for one of the larger diodes on the ecus. Is there anything I can measure from a good one to find the specs for a suitable replacement? Here's a pic.

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    I got my NVRam chip here:

    A quick search shows several diodes listed but not in stock. Perhaps a call to them would get you pointed in the proper direction.

    A local electronics repair shop or even a small electronics assembly company may be an idea to determine the specs and a source. :?

    btw- did yours fail or are you modifying the ECU in some way?
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      ummm, why don't you have me take a look at it?
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        raidon84300zx wrote: ummm, why don't you have me take a look at it?
        Do it!


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          most of the time, diode specs are pretty non-critical. As long as you replace it with something with a similar forward drop and same or better voltage and current requirements, you'll be fine.

          However, there are plenty of 'specialty' diodes, like zeners and schottkys and tunnel diodes, etc etc etc.

          Unfortunately, it's tough to guess what that diode is from a blurry little picture. Can you identify any markings on it, or do you have a schematic?
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