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ECU compatibility with Nistune

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  • ECU compatibility with Nistune

    Gathering parts for 84NA2T - having reviewed ECU posts and threads, I still do not have a definite answer to the following question:

    Will a 1987 nonturbo ECU (with Nistune) work in a 84NA2T project. I donít see why I would need a turbo ECU if I have Nistune available to change the fuel map.

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    You should be able to run a turbo setup on the ECU with Nistune. I think the O2 sensor type still has to match if you're using it. Looks like it does match in your combination


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      Confirmed, yes. I have done exactly this (87NA ECU on 84NA harness.) I am running a VG33ET build and use the 89T tune for a DD.
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        But one question remains. Do you still need to swap over and solder in the turbo prom from the 88-89T ECU to the 87 NA ECU?


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          Apparently not, seems to work just fine...


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            I am surprised you got it to work with the 84 NA harness too. Other Z31 owners have reported that it won't fire up after the swap. Of course, there are other variables that could cause the no start issue.


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              that's because people do swaps on barely-running cars with tons of issues and are then surprised when it doesn't magically fix things