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  • Fuel system upgrade

    I'm looking at upgrading the fuel system on my 86T to support 500-600whp. Based on my searches, I've landed on using the Walbro 450lph pump, upgrading fuel lines, fuel filter, FPR, rails, and obviously injectors. My question is: what, if anything, needs to be done at the tank? Is it necessary to oversize the ports going into/out of the tank itself? I'd like to make sure I've got all of my bases covered before I start tearing stuff apart. All of the posts I've found in relation to the subject are 10 years old... Any insight is appreciated.
    86' Turbo GLL

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    I would say you go off the commonly recommended sizing all the way though the system. Although if you plan to use E85 on paper 450lph is the ragged edge of 600 HP at a base fuel pressure and a perfect 13.5v (which I dont think is realistic.) Im running -6an up and converting to the factory barb at the fuel tank. Fine at 370hp with no signs of falling short yet. If I have issues I plan to run dual walbro 450s with bulkhead type an fittings through the factory fuel pump plate.

    Also important to upgrade the wiring and do the fuel relay mod.
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      Thanks for the reply. Realistically, I'm only hoping to hit 500, so I think the 450 should be okay - I will certainly upgrade the wiring and do the relay mod as well. Thanks for pointing that out!
      86' Turbo GLL