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changed my maf and now it's rich .

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  • changed my maf and now it's rich .

    ok i had a bad cobra maf and replaced it with a reman version . since then it seems the ecu with romulator is running in loop . i can change the k and make it run super rich but i can't lean out at all . dropped the k from 200 down to as low as 25 with out a change in a/f ratio . what do i need to change for a new maf ? i thought it was just the k if the maf was supposed to be really close to the one you where replacing. plus i'm not running a o2 sensor as of right now but it did not seem to make a difference before the maf went bad . the car does not run any different cold or warm . i doubt it's the chts i've run without them in the past and the car was just a little hard to start when cold , i don't have any problems starting the car when cold .

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    Do you still have the old one? Do you know it was bad?

    Where did you get the new maf? Same part?

    Which bin file are you using?

    Are you using the ECU I socketed for you (with the maf resistors removed)?

    Are you sure you have a good connection on the +/- and 0-5v output?

    If everything else is ok.... If you keep reducing the K and it won't lean out at idle, check it as you rev the engine up a little. If it's leaner at 4K with the K value further reduced, then you either have the TTPmin too high (has to be changed in hex program or similar) or the maf voltage at idle (hence the VQmap) is not correct for the maf you are using. I don't see why there would be a change from one cobra maf to another, so I am just taking shots in the dark here.


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      i don't have the old one . it was shot

      from my local parts store . i think its a ( standard ) reman unit. not a ford reman .

      i've been using the the bins you sent me mostly jjwell.bin

      yes it's the ecu you socketed 88-89 na ecu

      i can check my connections but i'm pretty sure there good.

      so i need to change the bin file in the rom edit program ? pk rom ?
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        the car was running pretty well before the maf went south . but i was not able to really tune anything because i didn't have my lm-1 yet . now i'm ready but i just need to figure out this new problem.

        oh yeah also if the car runs under any boost it's leaving a nice rich smoke screen behind it .

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          It pretty much has to be the MAF because that's all you changed. Can you take a voltage reading at idle so i can compare it to mine? If it's rich across the board it might just be a tad high on voltage due to them not trimming it right when it was remanufactured.


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            where should i get the maf voltage reading from ? at the maf or the ecu ?

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              At the MAF. Read voltage at idle (700-1000rpm) between the maf ground and output wires using any accurate VOM.