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Torquing Rocker shaft

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  • Torquing Rocker shaft

    The FSM on page EM-11 states in bold type " Before tightening, be sure to set camshaft lobe at the position where lobe is not lifted."

    isn't that impossible? if not then why would it matter if you torque in several stages, if the lobe is not lifted then there should be no load and it wouldn't matter. no? I am confused

    Joe :?

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    They don't want you bending a rocker shaft by torquing a bolt at the other end opposite a lifter that is 'lifted' because it's on the cam lobe. With stock cams you can rotate it so no valves are fully open (at least one will be partially open though).

    I don't worry about it much if there's one or two with a little lift. Tighten a little but (1/8 turn) at a time and you will feel which ones are starting to compress the valve spring. Make sure to be extra careful on those, moving back and forth to the bolts on either side of the rocker. I've never bent a rocker shaft thus far using that method.


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      Christ you're fast and don't you ever sleep? S even though I have my timing belt and crap on I should rotate to a lesser degree of lift? Hey mayybe I can just rotate my cam with my adjustable gears. ops:


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        I took off a set of rockers from a junkyard motor "quickly" and 2 of the rockers bent or ovalled the hole on the shaft, I'm 100% sure this is because of the valvespring pressure

        anyway the lesson is do what jason says, short turns, go back and forth tightening the loosest bolt til you feel a bit of effort, then the next, and within 2 min you are done and nothing bent or wonky


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          you`re supposed to torque those?

          Exercising my constitutional right to be awesome

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          good thing....


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            nothing much, 25 ft#.... you can do that much by feel