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Anyone ever buy FirehawkZ exhaust systems

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  • Anyone ever buy FirehawkZ exhaust systems

    im pretty sure im having him build me one, they look pretty decent...and a little cheaper than CM, just wondering if anyone has personal experience

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    I back him.
    Chuck is a decent guy and has proven himself worthy with many transactions that have gone flawelessy between us.

    *I truley cannot see him showing and stating something and not following through as one would expect.
    **Pictures are worth a thousand words, if you accept and like what you see than what is there to doubt? He'll tell you how soon he can get one out for you and he'll keep in contact with you if something comes up that'll mess with what he said.(That's the Chuck I know) Ask many questions, feel confident in your purchase, Chuck can deliver what he claims.

    I am here to help...


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      Thats good to hear. I saw some pics a while back and remembered the kit being very nice, but would like to see them again to refresh me. Im not worried about it, i was just wondering if anyone had installed one and what they had to say....


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        Just for conversation sake...

        Any more info on this exhaust option? I seem to remember this coming up before...vaguely, but it may be good info as an alternative for the CM idea.
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          I would also like more info on this exhaust.

          I briefly met Chuck at ZCon and my brother has done buisness with him before. I dont see chuck offering anything to the Z31 community that would not be up to standards....
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            Another big +1 for Chuck, great guy.
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              That thread is stickied in the networking section. All information and pics are in there.


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                Jason84NA2T wrote: That thread is stickied in the networking section. All information and pics are in there.
                Yep, and there are more pics than were there orginally. Thanks for the kind words.
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