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Clutch thingy seems to work again

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  • Clutch thingy seems to work again

    The 88 missed Branson due to clutch issues. But after taking a few weeks of vacation I tried one more time tonight. Swapped in new pieces and adjusted clutch rod. I set the rod so at rest the pedal is right in the tight side of the rod (IE just pushes against it). Then bled out a TON of air. Still wouldnt go in gear so I adjusted the rod out as far as my fingers could and it is now driveable. I'll pull it out a bit further tomorrow and see if it makes all well. I don't remember having to take it so far out in the past but who knows.

    Shame I need to do work to the Volvo before going further, but at least I can drive it. Z starts to lose some power at about 4500 but pulls like a mofo through 2500-4500. Alas I can start playing again.

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    DOH! Glad she's back on the road though.

    Now if only you had discovered that BEFORE Branson! You'd better bring it next year.