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  • Engine break in.......................................

    Whaddup ya'll,

    I like this dudes write up allot. Even if you don't agree this is a great read. Peace
    Ucked Fup!!!

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    I couldn't resist getting on it in my titan when I first bought it. I didn't run it -hard- but yeah. The only thing that the manual specified was not to go over a certain rpm before 300miles, then another until 1000, or something along those lines. For the most part I stuck to it, but I'm not gonna lie... I did a few 6k runs on the engine during that time. Whatever works though!
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      Interesting, that is basically the feedback I got from the guy I had rebuild my heads and a local high performance engine builder.

      Warm it up good, let it idle a bit high (1K) for about 10 minutes and then go drive it hard for about 15 minutes, but don't thrash it. Take it up to about 75% of red-line a few times for short periods as you are driving. Go home and then let it idle and cool out for about 10-15 minutes. After that try to stay below about 75-80% (5500rpm)of red-line for a thousand miles and after that let her rip. :wink:

      I have to say, I worked like a champ for me. After over 3500 miles with some hard driving mixed in the engine still has that tight new engine sound. (you know what I mean if you have heard it before).

      One other thing. Both guys told me to use the best natural oil I could get. They both suggested Chevron Delo 400. (worked for me since my old man had been using it since I was a kid in all his equipment) Run that for 500 miles. Drain it, and flush it with 2 quarts of the same to get the wear junk out as best you can. Then choose a synthetic and stick with it. Change it after 2k and then you should be good for 5K+ from there on. I have used Schaffers for years and they both agreed that it was better than most so I stuck with it. Both guys were also fans of Redline oils as well.
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        That guys not greasy enough, he cannot be trusted! lol jk


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          Talk to enough people, and you will hear all kinds of ways to break in motors.
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            Yeah just build it and then drag it. Duh.
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