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Time to swap out the manifold and turbo....

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  • Time to swap out the manifold and turbo....

    I've already got the DP off and had the AC evacuated (takin it off for now, much easier to work). I'm gonna be putting on a ported exhaust manifold and a T3/T4 (60-1, stage III, ported O2 housing, etc...) and a CM 3" dp.
    Anyways, I've got one of the TSS stainless manifold stud kit and was wondering if you guys have had any luck with heating then pb blastering then heating again to remove the nuts and then repeat for the studs. Anything I should watch out for or remember to do? REally don't want to break any more than I have to. All adivce welcome...except for I should have gotten a bigger is plenty big for my needs.

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    shoulda got a bigger turbo. OH i mean uh,

    you should look into getting a cheap angle drill, less than $30 and a spring loaded center punch. This way if you do break studs of in the head you wont have to pull the head to get the studs out. If you do have to go this route be sure that you are drilling into the stud as straight as possible and only go as deep as you need to, to get your screw extractor to grab. You dont want to drill too deap and drill into a water jacket. Nor do you want to drill too crooked and go into the threads.

    Hopfully you will never encounter this while doing your swap though.
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