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    ok now im waiting on parts to be delivered so heads and block can go to the machine shop together i have been looking at turbo far im going to have the block bored to 87.5mm heads are fully ported and will have stock size ferrea valves and schnider springs and cams. i want to get into the the mid 600s or better for all the money i have spent so far. what would be some good turbo choices? so far i think the gt35/40r is the clocest but im no turbo expert here either. oh btw this is on a det so it may breathe a lil better than the 2 valve et.
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    I would say...Borg Warner S364 or maybe Garrett GT4088R . Other choices to consider, maybe the T04R or T-66. Just make sure you get a turbine housing of .8ar or bigger and a divided housing. Gt-35 ain't bad but since your running around with a DET, I would just jump up to the GT40 family.

    I'm shopping around for a new one myself...I'm leaning towards the Gt4088 but I'm really starting to like the new Borg Warner turbos the more I look at them.
    Precision Pt-6176
    Tubular turbo manifold
    Z32TT Pump
    450cc DSM injectors
    MGP intake
    60mm TB
    44mm ext. wastegate
    P&P Heads
    1mm oversize Ferrea valves
    Shneider cams
    3"in/out FMIC
    TurboXS RFL BOV
    3" turbo back
    Adj. cam gears
    Iridium Plugs & Wires
    Lm-1 Wideband

    Not quite together yet...but progressing


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      i was looking to stay with the ball bearing turbos for quicker spool up. happen to have a link for a gt4088r or a link to info on the borg warner turbos? thanks im out of town and working crazy hrs so i dont have much time on the comp hell im posting this at 2 am
      live fast,drive hard,and enjoy the ride!


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        GT4088R: ... T4088R.htm ... y_Code=GRT

        Borg Warner Turbos:
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