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-8 or -10 oil lines?

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  • -8 or -10 oil lines?

    I'm adding an oil cooler and seperate filter on the VG30. Should I use -8 or -10 lines? What are the pros and cons? The cooler is set up for a -10 but I can buy a reducer... Thanks.

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    I would think the pro's and con's would be self explainitory. If you run a -8 then your pressure will stay higher than it would with a -10. On the other hand if you run a -10 it will flow more oil doing one of two things. It could cool more oil or it could soak the cooler faster with heat, but you said it was set up for -10. So I dont see heat soak being a problem. I would run -8 as that is 1/2" and I would think that would be plenty big and not drop oil pressure too much, I guess.
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      I used -8 on my cooler without any problems.
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