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I'm making some exhaust manifold flanges... group buy

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  • I'm making some exhaust manifold flanges... group buy

    I'm making exhaust manifold flanges, individual port flanges.

    Each port will have their own 2 bolt flange. They will be CNC cut from 3/8 inch stainless. This is the cheapest and easiest way to start building your own exhaust manifolds. I suspect their is a fair amount of power to be opened up with some tubular exhaust manifolds, and I want to test the watters to see how many people would want some.

    The closest stock exhaust manifold setup to ours is on subaru WRX and STi cars, and they pick up a great deal of power going to an equal length setup.

    I'm also making a few sets of headers, and I want to see how many people would want those as well. They will have a T4 flange placed in the front middle of the engine bay where the stock fan goes. I will post a price and pics when a set is complete.

    *edit* These will not work with A/C and P/S. These will be for "off road" use only. Expect them to be somewhat expensive, just the cost of materials on a set will be around $500-$600.
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    Ball park figure here, how much do you think you would want for the six flanges?


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      Im interested, how much for 3 and for 6 flanges?


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        Im already in the process of making flanges, just not for each individual port
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          I see a boxing match here in the near future. :lol:
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            SATAN wrote: I see a boxing match here in the near future. :lol:
            Yep..hehe. I've got Fifty bucks on Steve.
            Ucked Fup!!!


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              After I get mine from Steve and weld up the tubing they will be come
              individual port flanges.

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                Disclaimer* for those who dont know, that is not one of my Flanges.
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                  CAPITALISM working at its best :lol: