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VG30DE mounts the same as VG30E ?

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  • VG30DE mounts the same as VG30E ?

    long story short, I bought a nice roller Z31 that had an engine fire, and most everything under the hood isn't salvageable. The old motor was taken apart, and the only thing there is the block and transmission.

    However, I have an infiniti VG30DE/automatic pullout that I've had for a while, and figured it would be neat to make a "300zr" for this car to be a nice cruiser.

    I'm no newb to engine swaps, because I have a VH45DE--->FC rx7 and a SBC--->280zx, but the only thing I need to know is if the VG30DE n/a motor has the same mounting points as the VG30E ?

    I know there will be people who will say its easier to just put another vg30E in....... but i dont want to do that because I already have the VG30DE pullout. Then, there will be the people that don't know but think they have read somewhere that the mounts are different.... I'd like someone who knows 100% for sure to answer if the mounts will fit....


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    You got pics of the rx-7? That sounds like a pretty sweet swap...
    Precision Pt-6176
    Tubular turbo manifold
    Z32TT Pump
    450cc DSM injectors
    MGP intake
    60mm TB
    44mm ext. wastegate
    P&P Heads
    1mm oversize Ferrea valves
    Shneider cams
    3"in/out FMIC
    TurboXS RFL BOV
    3" turbo back
    Adj. cam gears
    Iridium Plugs & Wires
    Lm-1 Wideband

    Not quite together yet...but progressing


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      I have pictures of the shell, but not the swap.. it's about 80% done yet. Just have to make a new intake manifold and wire up the megasplooge. It's just a black FC with some mustang bullit wheels on it.


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        I am almost positive the mounts are different but you can souce the 300ZR mounts which do work with the VG30DE.
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          Thanks, do you know where I can source them from?


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            duh... lol.. but I mean does anyone know of a vendor or a foreign junkyard who would have some for sale?


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              I dont have any Aussie sites with them saved but there are some Aussie members that you may want to PM with a link to this thread and they may be able to help you out.

              Good luck on this. Keep us postd on the progress. Out of the box stuff is always good to hear and learn about. :wink:
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                There's one set located over here, brand new dealer stock in Western Australia.

                AU$250 each mount though :shock:

                I'm planning on a VG30DET conversion next year so I'll be chasing up the import wreckers over here.


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                  I just thought about this.... why can't you just un-bolt the stock VG30 mounts from the side of the VG30E block, and bolt them onto the side of the VG30DE block?? then just mount the VG30DE in place?