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  • Turbo compressor question

    Hey guys,

    Starting an engine build to reach about 450 to 500 hp including head work, gutted plenum, Nistune, etc. For now, I am trying to get a good turbo sized.
    I have most of my turbo built. I am using a Garrett t4 P-trim exhaust wheel with a .84 A/R divided housing with a t3 flange on it.

    I was thinking along the lines of a T-61 compressor to go with this setup. Any opinions from those of you using this compressor? Would bigger or smaller be better?

    Also, what is the best place to buy turbo components? I have the hot side as well as a freshly rebuilt chra. I just need the new compressor, housing, and back plate. Anyone had a particularly good experience with a specific company?


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    Perfect if you ask me. I'm running a Pt-6176 which is a t-4, p-trim based gt35 equivalent, which the t61 runs a compressor wheel of similiar size. Check out Dbruce's compressor maps...

    61mm wheels make great all around performers for our motors. Paired with a p-trim and decent sized exhaust is a combo you can't go wrong with. Capable of up to 650whp but decent spool on the street. I can't think of a sport compact car that hasn't run a 61mm...the honda guys love em, and they slap them on their little b18's and rock 600+whp :lol:

    The next logical step up would be something in the gt40 family, like the 4088 with it's 64.5mm wheel.
    Precision Pt-6176
    Tubular turbo manifold
    Z32TT Pump
    450cc DSM injectors
    MGP intake
    60mm TB
    44mm ext. wastegate
    P&P Heads
    1mm oversize Ferrea valves
    Shneider cams
    3"in/out FMIC
    TurboXS RFL BOV
    3" turbo back
    Adj. cam gears
    Iridium Plugs & Wires
    Lm-1 Wideband

    Not quite together yet...but progressing