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Compression test on cold motor?

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  • Compression test on cold motor?

    Does anyone know what kind of numbers one should see if they do a compression check on a cold motor that is sitting on an engine stand. My friend wants to know. He will be doing the compression check by turning to motor over with a wrench. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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    You can not do a proper compression test while cranking the engine over with a wrench!!!

    Although, you could perform a cylinder leak down test!


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      umm i don't think you will be able to turn it by hand fast enough to get an acurate reading....

      but the haynes manual states this.....

      standard =
      non-turbo 173 psi @300 rpm
      turbo 165 psi @300 rpm (169 psi on 1988 and later models)

      minimum =

      non-turbo 128 psi @ 300 rpm
      turbo 121 psi @ 300rpm (125 psi on 1988 and later models)


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        maybe he has the tranny and the starter rigged up somhow in the engine stand with a 12v battery ready to turn it over hmmmm, hmmmm, ever think of that hmmmmm! :P
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          That's one hell of an engine stand!!!