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  • Vacuum questions

    I recently purchased a 86 na and it has no heat.the previous owner changed all the vac lines. I have looked high and low for the answer to this question. I have 3 vacuum lines going to the canister but I'm not sure they are in the proper place. Could someone please tell me which line goes to the selinoid with the 2 wires and which port the water cock goes on?

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    Intake to Vacuum Tank 3mm 46" (modified)
    Cruise to Vacuum Tank 4mm 28" (modified)
    A/C Heater Cock Control to Vacuum Tank 3mm 39" (modified)
    Vacuum Tank to Firewall not measured ~6 feet

    On the Z31 300zx there was two different designs of the Air Conditioning system used, A manual system used on the GL models that used sliders for adjustment and an automatic climate that was offered on GLL models as well as the 50th AE. This system was Digital and used sensors to monitor and adjust temperature and air flow.

    We will be discussing the problems and fixes for both systems on this page.

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      Thanks for the response, I have looked at that page a few times and I think what I need is line 19, but I can't seem to find it on the page.
      I have the manual pdf as well. If I'm reading it right it looks like the line from the water cock goes to the selinoid.


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        I have the manual heat and ac


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          After doing some poking around with my multimeter I found that I'm getting 12volts to the selinoid but it is activating so I believe this is my culprit. The selinoid itself I can't find for sale but I found a universal vacuum selinoid on Amazon and ordered it. I'm going to attempt to make it work. I'll remove the old selinoid and jb weld a vacuum connector into its place and then plumb in the new one. Wish me luck.


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            try here for the solenoid


            Restore it, Don't crush it. They don't make em like this anymore.

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