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  • Z31 goodness from Japan

    found this site, I bet some of you might have seen it: ... 124&csid=1

    adjustable suspension pieces! mmmm

    I like the AE/kouki carbon fiber fenders too....

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    i keep seeing links to this site . does anyone know how to order from them? there's alot of stuff i want to order but of course the site is in japanese. and do they even speak english if i where to call?

    boost. does a body good!


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      if you have the google tool bar you can translate it into english.

      you could try to email them. buy shipping would be outrageous
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        I'm sure a company like Bulletproof Automotive could order it for you, just give them a link to the parts you want and they could handle the shipping like dumping it in one of their next container shipments


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          prices are nuts for the suspension parts
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            When you factor in shipping, the prices are nuts for everything.


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              I've emailed them before, they can type in english but cant speak it so it's still fairly easy to talk with them but yes shipping is insane. It's mainly because of the location obviously but the size of their parts sent from anywhere would cost alot. I was quoted on getting a hood shipped down here, and it was going to cost me more than the hood itself! Depends how badly you want a part though I guess!