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  • headers?

    well i have been looking up for some headers before i go back home when my cars in the shop... ( Taking for ever... )

    A guy i know is selling early 89 maxima VG headers from pacesetter for like 150 would i see any gains at all with these?

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    Looks to be of fair quality.

    If they're anything like our cars you'll gain 8-12hp up top.


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      For $150 you simply cant go wrong! Snap those suckers up!


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        Well i dont know how it would exatcly fit becuase i have never seen a 3rd gen maxima vg exhaust set up.

        I dont think they have the side crossover connector pipe.

        the one that sits above the tranny.

        Ill have to get some pictures of the 3rd gen exhaust setup.

        But looking at that it looks like it would fit.


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          Shouldn't be anything a ball peen hammer cant negotiate lol


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            i posted some thing in the forums asking about headers and some guy said that people have nothing except bad things to say about headers on vg maximas... I dont understand why though?

            I thought headers would be better?


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              Hold the show...

              Unless those headers come with some serious lengths pipe and a Y then you are going to be waisting $150. There is a picture on the first page of my Cardomain site (www below) that has a decent view of the headers that are actually designed for the Z31. And they fit like a glove on my car.

              You should get better performance from long arm headers on the VG30 than the short arm headers you posted. Also, you need to consider the O2 bung. The set I bought has fittings for both types of Z31 sensors. I can give you help on a plug for the unused O2 bung and the EGR bung. Unless you have a custom EGR pipe fabricated you cant use the EGR with the Pacesetter headers. It is an easy fix though. PM or e-mail me if I can be of help.

              I paid $230 for my headers and couldn't be happier with them. All I can say is that those headers don't look like they will fit to me. Ask for more pics and you shall receive. :wink:
              Just stand back and throw money.
              Performance costs money.
              Reliable performance costs more.


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                yeah i just realised that hte egr valve opening is on the wrong side , And the 02 bung is not in the same place....

                I guess id be better off just waiting till i have some money for a turbo setup?


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                  I'm not going to dissuade you from the turbo idea but...dramatic pause...a properly built NA can surprise you. I just wish that I had dynod my 84NA before it had gotten totaled. I actually intended to before installing the L&P plenum, Nistune and LM2 but the accident kind of f-d that plan up. I wont speculate on what it was creating but I will say that it easily put stock NAs to shame.

                  If you want the BIG hp then go turbo. But it is possible to build a nicely powered NA if that is the rout you wish to take. Headers are a good start as long as you have a strong block and heads to start with.

                  I choose the road less traveled. :shock: NA for me. But there are a couple other guys that have made a conscious decision to build Z31s for street/track performance without the turbo.

                  Food for thought.

                  PM or e-mail me if I can help. I am sure that Russ would also be willing to lend his experience with the NA as well.
                  Just stand back and throw money.
                  Performance costs money.
                  Reliable performance costs more.