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CNC plenum making

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  • CNC plenum making

    The code still has a long way to go, but this was a step in the right direction, and yes I know the jig is overkill.

    Now I can walk away and do more important things like work on my own Z / she needs it.

    BTW this site is great! good work Jason


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    I like automation.
    That probably wasn't that bad to set up.
    *I assume that you manually handle the delicate work.(if not, than I can understand you comment on the programming)
    ~E-mail me if you catch a break in between things..I'd like to talk.
    Take the first step, please.
    Dan :wink:
    I am here to help...


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      Thanks for the e-mail invite and the excellent phone call conversation.
      I am here to help...


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        Right on!

        Due to the simple fact that I dont know how to program or run a cnc machine. I used a manual mill to gut mine.

        I spent hours trying to cut the top portion of that plenum off with a die grinder.

        Then when I got smart and decided to use the mill. It took all of two hours to set up and finish :wink: I love mills.
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          That looks like a fairly nice unit you're working with there... what type of mill is that?

          Automated is the best way to do that. If you can cut costs on labor you can massively cut ultimate costs on production!


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            God, with all that coolant you can cut soooooo much faster

            Terrible idea putting those wheels on...