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Build your own VG30 engine cart.

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  • Build your own VG30 engine cart.

    I have a small garage (don't judge) and needed some extra space to store 2 motors that i have eventual plans to rebuild
    but need space to actually work on a car and not shimmy between motors on engine stands and fenders.

    I designed and built a workbench with enough clearance to store 2 motors beneath it, provided i use low profile cart(s)
    for the 2 motors.

    This was made from 2X2 14ga steel tube, 2X1 14ga steel tube and 2X3.5X.25 steel plate. In a previous life these were
    some scrap posts from a storage cage at work. The casters were purchased from Home Depot (Everbuilt Industrial Caster, SKU: 194041)
    These were much better than what i found at Harbor Freight, and actually cheaper.

    I used a scrap engine block as a mock-up and mounts without the isolators for more clearance.

    Joints were MIG (GMAW) welded, while not pretty, they are strong (still learning) and i ran out of cover gas on the last weld.

    Since the motor mounts have a fair amount of positioning tolerance to them I would recommend using an engine block for final assembly.

    I created a 3D model in Sketchup with the dimensions from my napkin cad model for anyone who would like to build one.

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    Looking good.

    Nice to see some space shuttle work, but where is all the GD&T on the print?
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      pretty cool for ground work, as any assembly should focus on organization and cleanliness. When is the 3.3 swap bruh?

      Excellent org and clean work space. size doesn't matter if you do it right!

      thanks for the dipstick info


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        Funny thing about the 3.3 swap, another local guy has a 3.3 shortblock that he's not going to be using, so that's now a possibility, but i don't need another engine kicking around as i just stuffed these*...

        As for're on your own. The 2nd one (blue) was made much better than the first (red) and even though it cleared the oilpan on the mockup block, i had to grind off a corner
        of the rear 1x2 upright to clear the oilpan lip on the AE motor. And the mounts on the M30 motor don't fit at all so i used a piece of wood beneath the oil pan as my other set of Z31 engine mounts
        are MIA. Also something i didn't consider was that the "print" is for a N/A mount configuration and i should have made one for a turbo mount config, but the AE motor didn't have the turbo on it,
        so it worked out for me. still not bad for a rev 1.0

        *although if i did away with the wood panel drawers i could stuff another one under there..

        84 AE/Shiro #683/Shiro #820/84 Turbo


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          AWSOME.....job well done


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            I like