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Brake rotors: Cheap vs Moderate

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  • Brake rotors: Cheap vs Moderate

    I need some vented replacement rotors for my 87 rear end swap.
    I checked (schucks/checker/kragen)
    and they list 2 beck/arnley choices for the rear.

    One is "Premium"
    PN#0832300 at 88.99 EA.

    The other is
    PN#0802300 at 30.99 EA.
    Both 1yr warranty.

    What would be the difference?
    Metal softness?

    Also they have

    Raybestos "Aimco-GS"
    PN#96010RGS at 60.99 EA.
    1yr warranty

    Raybestos "PG Plus"
    PN#96010 at 22.99 EA.
    3 month warranty

    Again, any informed opinions as to what the differences are?

    My junkyard rotors came in as a few 10ths under minimum thickness, and
    they won't turn them. About all they need is a scotchbrite treatment,
    which is probably what i'll end up doing. But rotor difference question
    still stands.

    The other option is to get a set of slotted/cross-drilled/dimpled/puddingfilledwhatever from for ~95.00 a pr.


    mmmm pudding......

    84 AE/Shiro #683/Shiro #820/84 Turbo

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    Better yet.. ... and=Brembo

    Brembo Blanks.

    It is funny how cheap rotors are for our cars. My front two cost me 60 for both. They may be a random car quest chinese company, but at the price of a tank of gas, who cares.

    Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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      that's a pretty big difference. I'd be inclined to buy the cheap ones just to see how they work out. It's not like the rear brakes get worked that hard.
      1988 300ZX Turbo SS
      2000 BMW 323Ci
      2003 BMW 325XiT


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        yah, I think i wear the backs out with the e-brake more than just regular driving. Not really, but i like to use the e-brake when cruising.

        Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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          How about EBC rotors?
          Jukka Kivinen - Europe / Finland - '88 Turbo 2+2 Targa
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            I have heard the only difference is one is made in the US and one in china, otherwise they are identical.

            I used the cheaper trans am rotors when I upgraded the brakes on my GTP a couple years ago, they work and are holding up just fine... and I've gotten them plenty hot. I say go cheap.


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              How about $95 (includes shipping) for a pair of Brembo slotted/cross drilled rotors? I have ones like these (mine are zinc plated) & race my car. No issues or cracks, yet.


              OR this set of front & rear for $125+shipping
              378whp 445wtq

              Z Mobile Detailing, Las Vegas, NV