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ST springs for 2G Maxima (J30)

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  • ST springs for 2G Maxima (J30)

    I bought some Suspension Tech springs from a guy over the internet since they are discontinued for the maxima , 2nd gen.

    And he is saying they are grey , Arent the stock springs grey ?

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    All stock nissan springs I have seen have been black. The really old ST's may have been yellow, but all of the newer ones I've seen (at least for Nissan's) are gray.


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      alright i was just wondering if i might have got ripped off.

      Ohh and heres the deal.

      I have 2 maxima's one SE and one GXE

      The GXE is a parts car .

      And the SE is the car im building up on.

      The SE has electronic adjusatble suspension set up , From the factory.

      Im told that i am going to have to take GXE suspension set up *IE Towers and etc and put the springs/stuts on those and then attach it to the car...

      Man i thats true its going to be a hassle because im going to need the GXE to be rolling , So that means im going to have to take the SE setup and put it on the GXE...

      What should i do?


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        First thing you should do is make sure they're right. With the Z31's adjustable suspension on turbo models, the only difference is in the dampers themselves, so you don't have to worry about it when swapping springs. Are the springs or perches physically different? This may be the case for the Max, and I would assume people on a J30 Max forum would know better than people on a Z31 forum.


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          ST springs pre-1998 were a light sky-blue color, I think they changed them in late 98 early 99. I'm pretty sure they were grey from that point on but I could be wrong.

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