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Stance XR1 Front Coilover Dampening knob Relocation?

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  • Stance XR1 Front Coilover Dampening knob Relocation?

    Installed the coilovers recently, and the extended wire for adjusting the dampening knob is hanging freely from the bottom of the coilover adapter, pretty much just hanging out above the control arm and steering knuckle.

    In order to keep the dampening adjustment free and accessible, but not in the way of the moving suspension, where and how could I secure it?

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    I used one of those zipties that has a release on it, and ziptied it to the strut tube. When I need to adjust I just release the zip tie, spin the cable, then secure once more.


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      Not meaning to side track this post but was looking at getting the same set also. How was the installation? And are they worth the buy? I haven't decided on a set to buy yet but these look very promising.