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  • steering rack mounts/bushings

    Hi everyone

    I have to say its been a long time since Ive been on the Z31Performance forum but in the last two years Ive been working on my 86t zed on and off when I have time. Im getting it ready to bring to Calgary for tuning in the spring and Im in the process of replacing my suspension.

    While in there i figure i should install the poly steering rack mounts that I bought a few years back on z31parts. After doing a bit of searching it seems some had problems with a smaller more slender mounts than on other cars and these didnt work with the bushings. well tonight I took a quick peek at the passengers side mount and I pulled it off and of course it is the smaller one, not the 15/16 mount.

    So so I have a few questions moving forward:

    1. Should I say to hell with it and keep the stock mounts? They are still in great shape.
    2. Should I seek out appropriate mounts and install the poly bushings once I find them?
    3. An alternative option maybe?

    here is a pick of the passengers side mount. I dont think Ive ever seen a mount marked 1S while searching thing web. The only markings Ive seen are PS and ES.

    Any help is greatly appreciated

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    New stock bushings = same or better performance than poly and more reliable. Poly = better performance than 30-year-old stock bushings that are all separated and shrunk. This is why people say their new poly bushings felt like they made a huge difference. If your stock bushings are still in good shape just keep them.


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      Thanks for the reply. Iím thinking Iím just going to leave the stock ones because they really are in great shape.

      I did some reading and it seems there really isnít any rhyme or reason to what year cars have which mounts. Is there any detail to which years the slender mounts were used? I know initially it was though they were used in NA cars but that doesnít make sense because my car is a turbo and has he original rack and mounts and they are the smaller ones.

      Also, Iím assuming if someone were to find the larger 15/16 mounts that they could be used in place of the smaller ones? Are the bolts the same size? Is it a straight swap?

      Thanks again.