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Fat Drift Rear Suspension

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  • Fat Drift Rear Suspension

    Haven't seen this before, what is a lock kit?

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    it allows you to have a greater steering angle so you can hold more-sideways drifts. thats why the control are has the curve in on the leading edge, to allow the tire more room to turn in more. would be interested in seeing the cost of these, im guessing expensive though
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      Duh me, this is front suspension, funny but at a quick glance it looks like some of the racing semi trailing arm suspensions used back in the day.


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        Sent this to a fellow Z31 owner from Poland. He said that FAT is a reputable brand and they offer lots of steering/suspension redesign kits.

        Looks pretty interesting and seems to include new spindles and hubs among all the other pieces.


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          In their gallery they have some pics of a caged Z31. Guessing drift project.

          here's a shot of how much steering angle you can get with those lower control arms. Not a Z31, rx-8 I believe


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            This is no different than running S chassis suspension up front, aka it's wrong. Even though they designed this kit for the Z31 they still left the spindle in line with the ball joint like S chassis parts, which is wrong. Our car the spindle is offset forward of the ball joint which means this will push the wheel farther back into the wheel well. Granted this has a built in adjustable tension rod, but that's still going to cause some binding when you pull the LCA forward to re-center the wheel.


            • edizzle89
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              how do you know the control arm doesnt move the ball joint forward so that even though the spindle is in line with the ball joint it's still centered in the wheel arch? it does look like that the ball joint is a little further forward on these control arms then where it would be with stock control arms

            • Dunkine
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              Would that be an issue if it's for track only or is it an issue for both street and track?