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Confusing Calipers?

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  • Confusing Calipers?

    Hey everyone, I own a 1988 300ZX Turbo and I recently did the brakes on it, but it has bigger brake calipers. I've seen Z32 calipers before but they don't look like Z32 calipers, well at least the Brembo designed ones. A friend of mine mention a different Z32 brake caliper design on early years, I believed it was Sumimoto or something betweeen the lines. My description of how the calipers is I see the dual caliper design, like the brake caliper is designed around the caliper pistons. I would like to know and confirm if these are the right calipers so I can finally buy my brake pads! I really miss my car! Thanks In Advance!

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    Z32 brakes are 4 piston brakes, 87-88 should have cast iron dual piston brakes, like these

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      I have early z32 turbo cast iron calipers on my car :



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        So I haven't been on the forum in a while but, I have the early model Z32 brakes. I saw that the Z32 calipers use the internal drum for the parking brake. Now with the conversion I'm doing, how do I keep the parking brake?


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          I kept the stock z31 rear caliper setup ... ( I bought new rear calipers just to freshen the setup ) You can do just the z32 fronts