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poly diff mounts - price drop $220 shipped

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  • poly diff mounts - price drop $220 shipped

    I should have all the pieces for two complete sets by tomorrow night in my hands

    I need two brave souls to volunteer and I will ship them out early next week.... that and some cash, introductory price of $200+shipping* each

    I'm sure successive units will have further tweaks, as well as molded rather than lathed poly blocks, but these will be about feedback as well, so there could be more

    I will email install instructions as I don't have anything cohesive/detalied to print, and obviously I'd rather not draw diagrams til it's final

    * $20 to anywhere in north america

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    Sounds a little steep on the pricing
    Shiro #443


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      I was selling solid mounts for 100.... there's a lot more to these, theres just $30 extra in hardware/metal, and machining and polyurethane....

      consider jason's poly trans mount or engine mounts, they are very simple poly blocks and screws

      oh right and these can be used to adjust rear camber ....


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        how much camber are we talking about?
        Stocker 87 na z31 and a slightly modded 90 240sx


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          hard to say, when you move the control arm, the camber doesn't change linearly, so it'll vary, I'd expect around half a degree near stock height, and probably approaching but still less than a degree lowered 1"

          but that's all a guess, I could be wrong and your tires could fall off

          disclaimer: for off-road use only



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            but that's all a guess, I could be wrong and your tires could fall off

            I use the same "reverse psychology" in raising my two kids....

            I am here to help...


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              Any update on these? Testing?


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                I still have #2 but no testing has been done on #1 and my car is on hold while I get some renovation done

                do you want it then?


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                  yeah, anyone running them?

                  Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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                    apparently the owner won't have the car on the road for some time


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                      diff mount



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                        Interesting... what chemical bonding agent were they using?


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                          If those were the ones I tested. The first one was blasted and poly placed on the clean metal. It didn't make it off the jack. The second attempt was blasted then primed with a primer recommended by the poly manufacturer. It lasted a few months before it separated.

                          The ones on Z31 have been on my race car for two seasons, through one slide into a curb during an event and are holding up fine.
                          ...and how much HP do you have at 0 boost