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2+0 vs. 2+2 hatch

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  • 2+0 vs. 2+2 hatch

    Are 2+0 hatches the same length as the 2+2 hatch? The hatch begins at the top corner of the rear side windows on both cars, and the 2+2 has windows that are extended before the begining point on the hatch. Would that mean they are the same or could the hatch's entire angle and length be different?
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    The hatches are different. 2 seater has a longer hatch.


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      the glass area on the 2+2 is smaller too


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        Was curious, so I took a couple pics of my 87 2+0 Red & 89 2+2 Gold. These are not accurate measurements, just round about for comparison.

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          Can confirm, the 2+2 Is longer. Also if you're wondering, the hatch sizes /weights are also different. Learned that the hard way when trying to replace the gas struts on the hatch. Oh and I remember reading in my Owners Manual something like that too. I have attached a picture of that portion.