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Will an 86' mirror fit on an 88'?

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  • Will an 86' mirror fit on an 88'?

    Title. "Someone" slapped my mirror with theirs parking in the garage and flicked a chunk off of the corner and now I'm looking for a replacement. I saw an 86' at a near by junkyard and was thinking about taking it's mirror and maybe some other goodies. And I mean replacing the whole thing not just the reflecting mirror part. Sorry if this isn't the place to ask this just made an account to ask this and this thread looks appropriate.


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    They are 100% compatible. Some will have an extra plug for a defogger but otherwise they are the same.
    Take care when prying off the rubber triangle trim cover to access the 3 screws that fasten the mirror to the door frame as it can crumble
    easily. Also you will need to pull the door panel to access the white plug inside to disconnect the motorized mirror harness.

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      The fun part is I show a 1984-1986 mirror then a 1986 to 2019 mirror. Both with the same P/N. If you do decide to go about getting just the glass, the heater is attached to the back side of the glass with the wires on the bottom center. This puts is square between the black surround that the glass is attached to and the glass. The heater wires are soldered to the heat pad, and don't have a connector nearby. I was pulling mine apart last night to get better access to repair the housing.

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