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Sharing some learnings while repairing my HVAC

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  • Sharing some learnings while repairing my HVAC

    So I'm mid HVAC restore. I needed to fix all of the vacuum system, replace heater core, rebuild evap for r134a, etc. I wanted to post some of the things I've done, parts I've made work, etc so that if anyone else tackles this kind of project they have a little help. This definitely isn't a how-to but if you're brave enough to tackle this job it'll save you some time and money by pointing out what parts you can use as of 2018.

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    Nice work! I had no idea dorman made a replacement. Even better that you documented it very well.

    I patched up mine with silicone sealant years back, but it probably still leaks as i know i have a HVAC leak back there somewhere.

    Lucky you don't have the auto climate control with the bank of vacuum solenoids. those add a tone more possible leak points.

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      I tried the same thing, I painted silicone onto the diaphragm hoping to fill any cracks. It ended up looking ROUGH and not working for me, so I abandoned that idea.

      This system actually is auto A/C. I replaced vac lines on the solenoids but didn't do anything else to them. In that video I'm actually applying 12V to the solenoids to actuate the system. So it was a full test of vacuum and electronic parts.

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      Ahh, even better. I didn't see the solenoid bank, maybe just missed it.
      If you're interested, there is a makers group on thingiverse for datsun owners:

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      Nice! I'll add anything I model to that. I'm currently printing some new side mirror gaskets (or whatever it's called) to replace the crumbled plastic that was there. Using TPU so that it's compressible and hopefully water tight.

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    Nice work indeed.

    One part that has been suggested before was Motorcraft YH-1463, but that's a bit more expensive. I just had it written down somewhere just in case.


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      That one does look like a more direct bolt-on, and it's still half the price of buying used.

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    Nice thanks for the write up. A lot of new information to me.
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      yes just great thanks