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84-85 Turbo + NA Shift Knob Differences

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  • 84-85 Turbo + NA Shift Knob Differences

    Someone once told me that the shift knobs were different on the 84-85 Turbo and NA. However, I think they must mean the threads on the sticks of the T-5 and 71C. In essence, you can't use an 85 Turbo shift knob on a 71C and vice versa. Can anyone confirm?

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    You could get the correct thread tap and tap to fit whatever one is smaller, but they do have different part numbers for the NA/Turbo manual trans shift knobs, for the same color code interior.


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      I thought so. I wanted to make sure for whenever I get around converting the 84T to manual. I found a shift boot and shift knob for it, but they're from a BW T-5 turbo model, but I'd probably be looking at using a 71C or 30a. Nissan always has such uncommon, high tech parts names. I would have entered shift knob in the search box but you found Knob-Control Lever lol.
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        The different part #'s could also be because they have different shift patterns for reverse on top. The turbos step over and the N/A go straight from 5th to reverse. Shafts could be different too.

        Check out Page 23


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          What Dunkine said, the shift patterns are different. One is symmetric, the other has a step for the reverse.