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Seat Belt Broken Part

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  • Seat Belt Broken Part

    I bought a used driver side seat belt. The seller sent it to me with a plastic part broken off. The part is labeled R3 and has some sort of magnet or sensor in it. It attaches to the metal near the torsional spring. Does anyone have knowledge of how seat belts work and what the component is for?


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    I'm not sure what that is, but your post got me thinking.. I wonder if these 30+ year old seat belts are past their use by date. Maybe it's time to renew.
    Who needs new car's, Nissan had it right 30 years ago!!!


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      The only ones that went bad were the ones in my current NA. All of the other Z's I owned didn't have a problem. However, they were not over the 30 year mark when I owned them. A lot of hard to find parts and plastic pieces are beginning to break on these cars from age. Unfortunately, Nissan no longer makes the seat belt which doesn't make much sense since it's a safety item.