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e30 led headlight retrofit?

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  • e30 led headlight retrofit?

    Looking to convert my stock 87’ kouki headlights to this set of e30 headlights.

    Fabricating and making it look good shouldn’T be too difficult although I may not be able to close my pop up headlights, which I’ve already decided is fine (unless there’s another smaller set I could use.) However I’m not sure what to do with the wiring situation whether I can solder them or if there’s a harness I can buy? Any info is appreciated

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    That would be something cool and unique. I will say though, you can always retrofit and get a pair of something similar to this:
    The Zenki headlamps are generic lamp sizes (the whole lamp gets swapped not a bulb, can find them at auto stores); there are quite a few chinese manufacturers that make plastic housings, so you can use bulbs, that you can crack open if you stick them in the oven on warm. Then you just shove projectors and halos inside them. look up the owner "edicer" he's got them installed.

    Zenki headlights are the same as the 1980's jeep cherokee

    Problem with koukis are that the housings are Nissan and made of glass so you're SOL in modding them to have halos inside.


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      I would also say, just remove the glass housing on your Z and measure the mount points to see if you can find one of those halo kits for BMW's that would fit with some drilling.


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        How can I power the headlights? Would it be easier to wire up a switch? Id prefer to keep a stock wiring setup