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  • Wheel Fitment Question

    Good evening, I am going to get wheels custom ordered for my Z because I am having a very difficult time finding wheels that are 4x114.3, 18'', and wide enough so I don't have to use spacers; I also don't want to use adapters to change into 5x114.3. I'm installing Powertrix soon (I just need to cut and weld), and I am not sure how much more space this opens up for wheel options; because Zbum's wheel list is only for stock suspension.

    Would 18x8.5 with a +38 offset be too much? I know the stock offset for the 85 300zx NA is +30, and it is 15x6.5.

    I plan on emailing Work Wheels for an inquiry on the Kiwami wheels, I'm just looking for resources to make sure this would be a solid decision before I spend all my money and get stuck with rims that I can't fit and would be hard to sell. These are the only wheels I can find that are offered in my bolt pattern, and are 18'' in diameter. The reason why I don't want to do a lug conversion is that this would be less of a hassle, and they would be a good set of wheels that I can hold on to for a long time; and keeping the 4 lug would keep my options open to some really cool equips or something for shows in the future.

    Thanks for the replies if anyone has any good advice for me! Maybe some tips would help out too if anyone has some lol.

    Edit: I have looked at the wheelshow for z31, and I have tried searching for other forums. Most people seem to have the 5 lug pattern already, or there isn't a lot of information on the offset for some of the wheels. Am kind of a noob when it comes to wheels and stuff. I've also watched videos and emailed many retailers, but nothing has come up for availability on what I am looking for other than 15''-17''; and they're mostly like 7'' wide. Going straight to the manufacturer lol.
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    +38 leans more on a FWD offset. Id go lower if you can.


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      Originally posted by Bates Z31 View Post
      +38 leans more on a FWD offset. Id go lower if you can.
      This set of wheel isn't offered in a lower offset unfortunately. I'll try and find something else but big doubt lol


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        I have 18x8.75 with a 20 offset and still had to use spacers on my 88. In my experience, the powertrix actually had less room on the inside. the coilover is thicker than the stock tube. I had to clear the front coilover with a 5mm spacer. The lock ring ate into my wheel on the test drive.
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          Originally posted by govbrown View Post
          I have 18x8.75 with a 20 offset[...] I had to clear the front coilover with a 5mm spacer. The lock ring ate into my wheel on the test drive.
          Wow, thank you. This is really good to know. I'll make sure to find some other options now lol.


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            Finding 4 lugs a little tougher, I also skipped 5 lug conversion and did 16" rims easily sourced off Tirerack (Enkei) in 16x7 with 225/50 16" and fit great and work wonderfully at a very good price. Running Bridgestone SR71 and big upgrade on grip and ride