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1984-86 Zenki headlight flaps DIY

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  • 1984-86 Zenki headlight flaps DIY

    These are the protector flaps that are attached at the headlight lift mechanism (PN's: 62641-01P00 LH, 62640-01P00 RH)


    They often become brittle and deteriorate with age.
    I made these to replace mine that were badly deteriorated and hardened.

    Without them, not only can you see the headlight stop mechanism adjuster through the panel gap, but in my case, the unprotected panel gap was letting
    rain into my aftermarket LED headlight bulbs and water was collecting in the bulb housings. (The stock headlight boot would not fit over the aftermarket LED bulb heatsink)

    This link directs to the printable template. Print this on 11X17 Ledger paper, no scaling.

    Dimensions should be similar to these:
    The grid pattern is 5mm not 1/4".

    The thin piece is the reinforcement bracket that helps to keep the rubber from sagging.
    On the original flaps, it is molded within the rubber of the flap.

    The bracket can be cut from 1.60mm aluminum.
    The original method of fastening was to use push in plastic retainers that passed thru the bracket and stuck into the headlight bucket assy.
    For these replacements, I tapped the headlight bucket assy holes for M6 thread and used the same common M6 fasteners found elsewhere on the car.

    The flap material can be made from most any flexible material.
    I used weather resistant EPDM rubber, McMaster-Carr PN 8610K83 Two flaps can be made from each 12"x12" sheet.
    Another set was made from fiber reinforced neoprene, McMaster-Carr PN 8698K72

    Edit: Zenki style on my 84T

    I have also made replacements for Kouki on my SS, but have not created templates. I will update this post when i do.

    84 AE/Shiro #683/Shiro #820/84 Turbo

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    You rock man, thanks. I am not sure if I have the skills to do this but I will pay someone who does now that I know how to do it.