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T-Top release knob prototype.

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  • T-Top release knob prototype.

    Since both of my knobs are now broken after nearly 34 years, I got bored at work last night and decided to whip up a rough proto of the T-Top release "knobs."
    Not quite a 100% factory replica but close enough for me.

    Was printed in Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) as that's what happened to be on the printer at the time. Will probably whip out a pair in black PETG or ABS.

    Silly thing actually works: (photo album below)

    Teaser pic here:


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    Pretty cool man! These things are next to impossible to find nowadays.
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      I'd be interested in the 3D file, if you're willing to share. Both of mine broke years ago.
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        I learned my lesson with those years ago, broken Nissan interior plastic was probably the most purchased parts I consumed when they were available over the parts counter. I learned to be VERY careful, steve at z31partsforyou sourced my last round of these for me and I am oh so careful with them. That said, as a public service Snoozn you would probably find plenty of us that would be a set of non-crispy knobs even if they don't match our interior color


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          The relatively new hotness for doing car parts that will see interior temps and UV exposure is ASA filament.

          I've had a nylon parcel shelf clip in my 84T for a couple years now and it's holding up, but nylon is a bitch to print.

          There is a group of us on thingiverse and facebook that do stuff like this. I've not been active with z31 stuff lately.

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            Someone could make a good extra bit of cash building these parts, I personally spent $400-600 on parts over the years as they were killed by the 3 years living in PHX heat, I wish I could get factory fresh parts still, I would gladly buy some new trim pieces that had the tabs melt and when they were pulled off (to replace the rear triangle windows seals that melted) and the tabs broke