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T-Top Drain Hose to Pillar Grommets

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  • T-Top Drain Hose to Pillar Grommets

    While working in the front wheel wells, I noticed that the hose extensions that drain the T-Top gutters away from the body had disintegrated with age. Although the grommets still hold the hoses through the pillars (barely), those are also not long for this world.

    The entire hose assemblies are P/N 76990-03P00 (Front) and 76997-05P50 (Rear), and are still listed as available in Japan, by Amayama.

    Because I'm too cheap for my own good, before I drop $100 and wait 6 weeks on four hoses I'll have a go at junkyards looking for similar parts. However, before I waste my time has anyone identified a replacement already? 350Z, Golf, Jeep, etc? The hoses seem to be in good shape, it's just the grommet that passes through the A-pillar that's failed. Unfortunately, the hole seems to be oblong which narrows choices down a bit.

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    I have the same issue and I tried to get the fronts through another supplier that offers OEM parts from Japan. They said it's NLA so I'm fairly certain Amayama can't get them either. They quite often list things that get canceled once you place the order. Do you think a round rubber grommet would not work well enough in an oblong hole?


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      Damn, sorry to hear that about the "remaining stock." It's epidemic with any of the overseas parts suppliers, though. Too many inventory systems tied into each other, I think.

      I think a round grommet of the correct size would probably seal OK but you'd have to go by the hole circumference instead of diameter, which is less convenient. Many of the more modern offerings also seem to have a hard plastic "filter" that obviously won't flex through the hole.


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        Take measurements of the hole needed to be blocked, google it and you will find a suitable replacement grommet. That is what I did on my 85T and I have yet to not find what I want. They have oval grommets out there in all sizes.

        The following are from Amazon


        Another example:

        And another:
        Restore it, Don't crush it. They don't make them like this anymore.

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          I can pop one out on my SS on the lift, as the fenders are off, and make a dimensional drawing.

          Should also be something that can be 3D printed out of TPU filament.

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            Turns out the front seal is pretty far from your typical pass-thru grommet. The hole size is 18mm.


            The polyurethane tubing (10mm OD) from the upper drain is glued into the rubber 90deg elbow.
            One of mine was completely blown out, the poly tube not even attached.

            I would imagine you could adapt a AC evaporator drain tube like this if the grommet bulkhead passthru diameter is close.


            Or go full redneck engineer and repurpose a sparkplug boot topped off with your favorite flavor of RTV.

            Haven't took a look at the rear tube yet, imagine its the same with less stickout.

            84 AE/Shiro #683/Shiro #820/84 Turbo


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              Neat to see that I was wrong about the hole being oval. It sure did look like it when I had my neck twisted looking up the A-pillar. Much better options this way, pending sizes etc.

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              I've had terrible luck with TPU since I have a bowden tube printer, and I would have concerns about the layer lines harboring life. Molds for a urethane or silicone casting should be doable though, and there are a few photopolymer resins intended for gasket making on the market. One of the cheap LCD resin printers is on my list to acquire shortly.