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High Mileage FS5R30A and R200 LSD

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  • High Mileage FS5R30A and R200 LSD

    May have found an 88T donor car to swap in an FS5R30A and LSD, but it has high mileage (150k+). I know these parts are known for their strength and durability, so should I be concerned about them having worn components?
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    Only worn item I've had on a fs5r30a was the synchros going out. (And seals)
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      You can always rebuild the CLSD
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        You can always rebuild the 30A also. Alot of the components inside have been superseded to 98+ JDM-spec so you get the good stuff when you overhaul it.

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          Running my 30a that came out of an 88 shiro with like 180K miles. Works great for me. Just flush it out and put good fluid in it. Running Redline MT-90 in mine.
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            I might stick with the T5 since it's already in the car and all I need for it right now is a new shift gasket. I am going to try out the Red Line MT-90 Synthetic Oil for it. I have also seen guys running 400+ horsepower without it breaking. I know they're only good for 265 lb-ft of torque but that's just on paper. Thought about getting a World Class T5 to from a 90-93 Mustang 5.0 but they have a different input shaft length and spline count.