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84 300ZX Turbo Tranmission upgrade to FS5R30A

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  • 84 300ZX Turbo Tranmission upgrade to FS5R30A

    Hello all,

    I'm in the middle of replacing my clutch and was wondering if anyone had swapped in the FS5R30A to an '84? If so what complications/modifications did you have? I've seen mention that the bell housing are the same bolt pattern but no other specifics.

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    If I remember correctly.... different driveshaft, and the transmission mount may not line up with existing holes in the body.
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      The FS5R90A and FS5R90A have different driveshaft configurations and differential companion flanges. The diameter length and diameter of the slip yokes are also different. From what I understand, you'll need to swap differential companion flanges on the differential with a steering wheel puller. Not sure if the same applies when doing automatic to manual conversion which is what I will be doing.

      Full list of details and schematics here:
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