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Z31 clutch and flywheel replacement

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  • Z31 clutch and flywheel replacement

    I was looking for some help with what flywheel I need for my 300zr. When I purchased the car it had a twin disc clutch but I'm looking to return it to stock. The flywheel that was originally installed is not playing with the stock clutch the shop purchased. I'm just looking for someone who knows which one will work. I have the fs5r30a transmission.

    Flywheel and clutch on the car initially


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    Your crank in the photo is an 8bolt pattern whereas a Z31 is only 6bolt, Someone probably put a Z32 crank in it to run the dual clutch setup.

    So essentially, you are looking for a Z32 flywheel. Z32's had the 8bolt crankshaft pattern.

    Which size flywheel you need would depend on what clutch the shop purchased.

    Z31's had 240mm (84-86 early87NA) and 250mm (late87-89 na&Turbo) flywheels.

    Z32's also had 240mm (NA) and 250mm (TT) flywheels. TT flywheels are physically larger, requiring spacing of the starter.

    Z31 clutch bolt hole patterns are different between 240mm flywheels and 250mm flywheels for their respective clutches. Unless it is aftermarket like a Fidanza and drilled for both sizes

    I would say, you need a Z32na 240mm flywheel and a Z32 or Z31 240mm clutch kit.

    If i'm wrong or missing something, someone will chime it

    84 AE/Shiro #683/Shiro #820/84 Turbo


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      I appreciate the help. I will forward this info to the shop and hopefully we can get the right setup.


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        Great catch on the 8 bolt crank ZKarma.

        The 300ZR came with VG30DE, hence the 8 bolt crank. You need a VG30DE (Z32) setup like ZKarma said.