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85 non turbo clutch or tansmission problem?

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  • 85 non turbo clutch or tansmission problem?

    Guys I really need some advice on an either clutch or transmission problem I had a few days ago. I was at highway speed on the interstate when I began hearing a loud high pitched squeal and then a high pitched vibration for about 30 to 40 seconds. At that point the car wasn’t getting power from the transmission and I began to coast. I was able to get the car to the shoulder and then tried to put the car back in gear but nothing was happening. With the clutch pushed in or out the transmission would go into 1st through 5th gears but nothing would happen. However when I tried to put the transmission into reverse it would squeal/grind either with the clutch in or out like before. I think this may be the clutch throw out bearing but I did not have any clues before that it was going out. The transmission and clutch were working perfectly up to this. This is the second transmission I have installed on this car but when the first one went it was nothing like this. Plus a few days before I had a jiffy lube check the transmission fluid level and it was good. The car is out of town and will be towed to a shop soon but thought I would ask around for opinions on what may have happened here first. Any related comments would be greatly appreciated.

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    I'm assuming the engine was running when you were cycling through the gears on the side of the road. My guess is the clutch disk disintegrated and is no longer in one piece. You won't know for sure until it's torn down.
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      Yes sir, the engine was running but also with the engine running it still would not let me put it into reverse. I understand what you are saying about not knowing for sure until it is looked at but I wanted to get some input from others first. Do you think the transmission pilot bearing could be suspect here also? Thank you for the reply


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        The pilot bearing is on the engine side of the input shaft. Typically if they fail, you could have grinding going into gear and/or noise with the transmission in neutral. If you end up changing the clutch, it should be changed at the same time along with the pressure plate and throwout bearing. It's interesting the car wont' go in reverse. in most tranny's reverse is the only gear without synchros, so maybe the input shaft is spinning slowly due to some residual friction.

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      if you want to check the condition of the clutch pull the starter off and you might be able to tell if its damaged badly.


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        Thanks for the reply chris but the car is out of town and it's going to have to be towed to a shop for evaluation. I will pass on your suggestion however.