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Oil pressure and fuel guage

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  • Oil pressure and fuel guage

    I'm in the processes of getting this into daily driver status. The fuel gauge reads nothing and I didn't notice until I drove it out to my garage the the oil pressure gauge does not seem to be working correctly. Most of the time it was reading zero and it might have read at 5 psi for a few moments. I'm pretty sure it's an electrical issue as I had already driven 20 mile before I noticed it not working. So please point me in the right direction as to where I should start with each.

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    Both sensors are pretty notorious for failing. There is an aftermarket solution for the fuel level sensor, but it's for analog dashes only.

    oil pressure sensor is available at Rockauto $20-50.

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      yeah, this seems to be a common problem. my 87 digital had the same issues. once I replaced the oil pressure sensor with a Nissan unit AND replaced every engine seal I could get my hands on, the gauge started working as designed. I also replaced the oil temp sensor and the temp gauge also came to life.