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Rear Running lights stopped working

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  • Rear Running lights stopped working

    [SOLVED] all of my lights work fine short of the running lights. Brakes, side markers, head lights, reverse lights. etc etc. The only other light that gives me an issue is the high beams (in which case, 1 turns on the other turns off but jangling it both high beams turn on)

    The fuses look good, double filament bulbs brand new all the way around, the brake switch seems fine. I don't know very much but I'm tryin to figure this out. I've heard it could be the switch, but if the side markers flip on just fine, wouldn't the running lights?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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    High beams is dirty/worn contact in the headlamp switch. Pull the switch out, take the plastic piece off the back and take some fine grit sand paper to the contacts. Sometimes you have to bend the "arms" a little too. Every Z I've ever owned had this problem.
    Running lights could be switch, you could check it with a multi-tester while you have it out cleaning the highbeam contacts.


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      Dunkine is correct, the headlight switch goes bad, gets dirty, a very common problem. Any light that goes on with the headlight switch can act weird when the switch goes bad.
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        Ok, since I'm all out of ideas here. Throw anything at me. Also, appreciate the responses above.

        Brand new switch installed. All fuses are good. Highbeams are no longer an issue. All lights work. *there is a short causing the driver side blinker to blink quickly, but is not an issue*

        EXCEPT - the running lights are still getting zero power.

        I'm attempting to fix it this weekend before bringing it to a shop come the work week. Like I said, ANY suggestions at this point beyond the switch and fuses are welcomed. Thanks ahead of time guys.


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          I'd get the tester out and check for power starting at the lights working your way forward or at the front working your way back. The Service Manual has wiring diagrams . Sounds like a bad + wire somewhere, since the same ground is used for brake and park, IIRC. There's a Lamp Sensor Check module behind the passenger side tail lamp, not sure if it's on all Z's and probably isn't an issue because your brake lamps are working.

          What did the new switch run you?


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            New switch was $100. Yeah checked the sensor and it seems to work fine. Arrrghhh....i hate dealing with electrical. Probably just gonna bring it to the shop. appreciate the help fellas


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              [SOLVED] Just an update for anyone who was interested.

              Traced the wires back, found the relay was busted. Spliced it to the brake wire for a band-aid. Everything works fine now. New relay should be in next week.

              But hey, at least I dont have to worry about a switch for a long while.